Hypra from Marie’s perspective, user of the U.A.S

I had a computer which seriously began to date. I therefore had to change and I was anxious about it. At this very moment, I met those young people who had created an innovative enterprise, namely "HYPRA".

I was straightforward grabbed onto it. I had them on the phone and everything got started. My computer was fastly delivered at my place. I got trained by Raphael, who, I have to say, is an excellent teacher. I took much pleasure at his sides. I felt a little uncomfortable at first but he managed to put me at ease. I feel perfect with my new station. What’s more, I paid really less that what I used to with JAWS and other software.

Surfing the internet is also way easier now. I can also listen to the radio through podcasts, watch TV replays as well as Youtube that I’m familiar with. I can also have fun with games, read books and newspapers. I can scan documents, I write many messages, I print them as well. In short, I am fully satisfied.