New release of the Universal Accessible System !

* Verbosity during desktop browsing with a speech synthesizer has been highly improved : the screen reader now speaks only useful things and browsing on the desktop is more fluent.

* To make easier switching from Windows to the Hypra Universally Accessible System, we are now providing shortcut profiles similar to Jaws and NVDA !

* The Kali speech synthetiser is now officially available in the Hypra application store and a demonstration release for 40 minutes is now installed on all our machines ;

* FlashPlayer upgrade now happens once a day instead of at reboot time ;

* Capability to set the size of the focus in all the system, extending magnification features to the starting screen ;

* Setting the pointer size and colour is now easier ;

* Now a message box pop-ups when sending a file or a directory to the trash ;

* Tunes alerts of the system are now enabled by default, it enables to hear an audio alert when receiving a mail.

For any order of the OCR software, or for Kali, please contact +33 1 or send a mail to