Have your workstations accessible !

Do you want to have a part or all of your workstations accessible ? Does it imply a business application ?

You can opt for digital inclusion now. Hypra draw for you detailed, accurate, contextual, benchmarked scenariis according to your financial constraints.

Our first references is LibreOffice application that we are studying to give a framework for future accessibility developments driven soon by the French State.

Your context and the benchmarking may result in the fact that you would get more benefits using NVDA. Then, Hypra can set it for your employee and train them. We also train technicians alongside the person. We work with upstream release and NVDA Pro release. This service will enable your employees to optimize their usage of accessibility in Windows, Office, LibreOffice, Google, and other suites.

If your company uses GNU/Linux, we set the workstation with all the accessibility features. We train a technical referent and the concerned person.

In every situation, we provide assistance to the management and the disabled employees service for funding strategies in order to minimize costs.

Our references