Universally Accessible operating System - 770 euros

The U.A.S is a user-friendly computer environment, accessible, ready-to-use, designed with a sense of simplicity and flexibility, stable over time (updates occurring once every two years), sustainable (+ 10 years), offering a high level of data protection and devoid of virus, and citizen-oriented.

If you already own a computer, using Hypra is possible. We can install Hypra next to your existing operating system (Windows™ or Mac™), as well as standalone.
Thus you will benefit from the same technologies and the same quality of service, without any need to buy a new computer :

The Universally Accessible System is a Debian*-based operating system which can be installed on any computer, with an optional speech synthetiser and progressive visual assistance tools. In comparison with traditional systems like Windows® or Mac®, or specialized systems (such as Ordissimo®), the U.A.S cumulates simplicity, a high-level of customization, stability, openness, and the constant availability of usage support. This it then a perfect solution for absolute beginners, but also more advanced users, with or without a visual disability. That is why we call it "universal".

* Collaborative system developped by hundreds of volunteers in the world


Thanks to a customizable and sober interface, you will enjoy having at your fingertips essential features in order not to be confused by useless icons. The layout relies on Windows® 7, improved with stability (updates happen only once every two year and keep ergonomics unchanged, whereas Windows® often modifies user’s habits at upgrades). It fits any family as the environment is opened and compatible with the mostly used system : Windows®. We are Microsoft layout standards compliant. You will have all the classical keystrokes which are known by people on Windows®. As there are no virus, you can get rid of security issues.

Finally, and over all, the user may always be helped while using the system on the phone and by remote control in order to intervene directly in users’ machines.

You get an out-of-the-box system, at home, just phoning at + or sending a mail to contact@hypra.fr


  • whatever your sight is : Hypra provides a software suite to make it more comfortable reading the screen for any user or making it simply possible for visual-impaired. Nearly as powerful as ZoomText®, you can magnify up to 16, locate and customize your pointer, choose the font size and family, everywhere in the system.
  • whatever your computing skills are : the system is soft and flexible, so you can design the layout according to each user’s preferences. It implies running applications right next to the start, accessing to them via keystrokes and adapting their location on the desktop. Despite what happens with Ordissimo®, you keep a possible usage by your family, because the interface is not specialized for beginners. Nobody would feel lost among your family members or your friends !


Our speech synthetiser, Orca, designed initially for blind users, could help anyone to save visual efforts reading the screen. Orca relies on the habits of people with Windows (NVDA or JAWS®), and you will appreciate the large choice of voice among our catalog, and to master it perfectly after the five-hours training !