Our Intent

We have a twofold intent :

  • designing a Universally accessible system, covering 98% of use-cases, regardless the visual, listening, knowledge, cognitive, physical limitations of any person. Our first experience in vision accessibility shows that dealing with a disability increases the global well-being of other users, who can benefit from features to improve their overall ergonomics and comfort. We call it the philosophy of "digital inclusion".
  • providing users with excellent support plan, which includes the setting of fine-tuned tools, the teaching of a know-how to empower users and motivate them to follow the learning on their own. Hypra "leading change" method enables us to be at the sides of anyone in his/her early steps in computing including, for instance, if he/she has become blind recently, as well as building bridges between people using various digital environments (ex : leading someone from Windows™ to Linux).