Support and Training

Whether you have acquired a computer or only a U.A.S , you have access to Hypra's support.

Right from the first contact : a trustful advice

Hypra stands at your sides at the very first contact in order to determine wether the Universally Accessible System is what you need.

We advise you in computers’ & hardware’s choice if needed, to get one which fits your use cases, but only if you don’t have already one or if you want to change it.

We are at your sides to customize the computer and the system according to your needs and preferences, and to ship it at home.

If you need a financial support to buy, we can help you with finding the appropriate strategy and wording according to what is available in your country.

Before shipping, fine-tuning the system

Each one of us has different visual and layout preferences, Hypra then ensures a customization of each system we sell. It implies visual effects, pre-installed applications, access modes, keystrokes.

The customization enables you to use immediately out of the box your fresh-bought or fresh-up-to-date computer. So that your computer looks and works exactly the way you feel.

At this stage, we also define together your training plan, and we establish wether the five hours we offer with the product will be enough. Otherwise, we suggest you a more appropriate amount of hours.

After shipping, confidence and pleasure using your computer

Hypra is the first computing company whose core job is training. 5 hours are offered when you buy the Universally Accessible System. The main service features are :

  • a customized training plan ;
  • possibly, session at home (user pays transportation and accommodation) ;
  • one-to-one sessions
  • you can contact your trainer at any time between sessions

For additional training, you pay per hour. The same if you want training to use NVDA for Windows, or to use any desktop GNU/Linux system. With any invoice, you get a plan we designed together with you.

And if I need support while using your system ?

Do not panic, Hypra does not let you alone after your training on the tool ! We reply to your usage questions, if you do a mistake, for security or software updates, to add new programs. Contact us with an e-mail or by phone, we can do things remotely on your computer, for a 300 euros a year plan including 180 minutes.

If you do not want to subscribe, we can help you per hour, for example for upgrades, for 90 euros an hour. . The pre-analysis is free and we start working after you agree the estimate.

We can also provide such service for any problem you experience in the use of any GNU/Linux system, ou when using NVDA for Windows.