Our mission

Free software, especially when developped with a user-centered approach, provides with many benefits. It gives end-users the opportunity to associate practical needs with citizen involvement. It embodies, for public actors, the public interest as it enables to produce common goods and entails digital sovereignty. It ensures companies data protection & an overall drop in the cost of IT without affecting productivity. Free software also guarantees that any inclusive solution can be developped in a collaborative way throughout the world.

However, GNU/Linux O.S remains rarely used by end-users and by organizations. How could we explain this ? In Hypra’s opinion, it is due to a technocratic approach widespread in most free software communities. Developpers have a hard time understanding the way of thinking of "basic" users, their needs and usages.

As the service quality is our criteria of excellency, and because usage is at the core of all our computing acquirement (or updating) projects, Hypra provides free software with an unprecedented competitive advantage to further its growth on desktops (and not only on servers), hence giving it,- and its ethical and respect-toward-users philosophy - a much wider scope.