Our application catalog

On demand

An OCR FindReader

For 180 euros, you will have at your disposal an excellent optical character recognition integrated within the U.A.S. In a click or a keyboard shortcut, you will be able to launch the scanner and the recognition and automatically generate an export file in a LibreOffice document !

Diverse voices for your speech synthesis

Do you want more qualitative voices than the one by default in the U.A.S (Eloquence & Mbrola) ? We suggest you may try KALI or a whole set of other voices by VOXYGEN™. They will enable some of you to recover the voices they liked with JAWS for about 79 euros.

Hypra proposes for any NVDA user on Windows the speech synthesis Nuance. For 100 euros, this complementary module increases the voice quality of yout your screen reader ! Thos who feel like humanizing their computer will appreciate the natural aspect of Vocalizer’s voices !

Freely delivered

About 20 000 applications are available in the U.A.S. We have selected for you the most convenient and accessibles !

An internet navigator, Firefox

The most famous of free software is available on your U.A.S with a few adds-ons just for you : an Adblocker, a free search engine to escape the influence of Google, a bookmark ! The good news is that Firefox is optimized for our screen reader so that the internet navigation is even more simple and relaxing !

The LibreOffice suite

We have selected just for you an optimized version of this suite known worldwide !

LibreOffice does what Office™ does : typing a letter, reading various contents including slides and spreadsheets, drawing ! Hypra stands at your sides for any usage questions !

An e-mail software Thunderbird

A simple & stripped-down e-mail software which enable to access your messages (and to read them without any internet connexion !) and to write a message within 3 or 4 shortcuts ! It will be set for you on delivery so that you can use it right the very first day !

Un lecteur de musique RythmBox

Do you wish to listen to music, import CD contents, create playlists, subscribe to radio podcasts ? Itunes is not the only answer ! RythmBox will suit all your needs… and of course Hypra is at your sides for any question !

Un lecteur de vidéos VLC

Di you wish to watch movies, video contents without having to care about the format ? Do you wish to do some basic montage, import subtitles ? This free software, the pride of l’Ecole Centrale Paris, is what you need ! And for any question, turn to Hypra !

GIMP, a graphic design software

Do you need to resize a photo ? To modify it ? To create animations ? To create visual or graphic aid ? Or simply to have fun drawing ? You will love GIMP which, despite Indesign, is totally...free ! And we provided training if needed !

Le logiciel Skype® de télécommunication

Everybody uses Skype to communicate with relatives and friends ! It is as famous as Facebook ! Even though we will introduce you alternatives, we will have Skype pre-installed on your U.A.S to make sure you can use the very first day !

Un lecteur de PDF et un assembleur/déassembleur de PDF

How could I read my PDF without Adobe ? Calm down ! Two soft on the U.A.S enable to do so and even to burst and catenate them ! Et the good news is… no need to pay for a licence !

A « peer-to-peer » soft Transmission

In order to download your favorite content in « peer-to-peer » on the U.A.S, you’ll find the « Transmission » software which enable to download torrents. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help !

A Daisy reader

If you happen to have a notebook, you would surely appreciate carrying your audiobook (Daisy format) with you any place. The good news is : it is possible with the U.A.S !

Un sound mixing soft, Audacity

Musicians, journalists, this application is made for you ! Record in multitracks, cut, rearrange, mix your musics or your audio contents with Audacity. Its shortcuts and menus make it a very efficient and powerful tool ! Hypra can show it to you and help you customize it.

On Windows

Nuance Vocalizer : retrouvez la voix d’Iphone sur Windows

To install & test Debian GNU/Linux

For an amount of 160 euros, please find the 13 DVDs which make Debian GNU/Linux.

Hypra proposes the first distribution fully installable if you don’t have internet connexion of if your bandwith is weak.

LiveCD Debian GNU/Linux : for 30 euros, try & install Debian GNU/Linux, one the most accessible and widespread distributions. Its installer is accessible and it can work on a great number of plateforms ! Beware ! This DVD does not provide with a vocalized system, only the installer is vocalized and in Braille.