Occupationnal therapists, reinforce your digital knowledge !

Hypra's founders have long been involved in non-profits organizations, aimed at defending the rights and autonomy of sighted-impaired people. Hypra's activity is now software edition and training, with diverse and enriching partnerships, but these different experiences confer to Hypra a cutting-edge point of view on business accessibility.

Occupationnal therapist, when it comes to visual impairment, often need to deal with all the more complex situations as new assistive technologies play an ever-increasing role. As these technologies evolve at a rapid pace, it becomes difficult to catch up with the latest innovations both in training methodology and in the tools.

No problem ! Hypra has your team updated and empowered, often by people bearing a handicap themselves, so that therapist feel more confident choosing the most suitable assistive technology and methodology according to the profile they work with.Such sessions enable professionals to understand how a disabled person uses a computer with his/her approach of assistive techology.

Moreover, Hypra can back therapists on the long-run when it comes to computer training.

Finally, given that teachers, orthoptists and other handicap therapists work on social inclusion at large, involving employment, they certainly will like our training plan about professional programs accessibility issues. They will learn how to make a program more suitable, how to benchmark it, what is possible to do to adapt any workstation to the diversity of situation they can encounter in their daily practice.