I want a full GNU/Linux environment in my organization

Many managers & CTOs have heard of benefits due to a GNU/Linux environment : agility, fluidity, modularity for business applications, no license cost, better security, etc.

However, many of them hesitate to migrate because of hardships seemingly hard to overcome : how to empower everyone, within a reasonable timing, so that this change does not hinder productivity and please the users ?

Hypra is here, providing a user-centered approach and relying on a "leading change" method which gives way to the user and his usage, anticipates over the future technical team issues and include managers to ensure a global satisfaction and even an overall progress in the relationship of everyone towards technologies.

Anticipating, advising, empowering to build continuity and lead change

Migrating successfully is then a matter of working upstream and advising among possible solutions. Hypra provides the desktop and the layout which fits your employees, and help you choose the safer and the most relevant software. Choices are proposed regarding risk management and for the sake of social inclusion. Advise are applied when technical service, managers, workers all agree.

Training and Communication : key factors for users’ satisfaction

Users are a key component of a successful change strategy. As political and economical arguments to migrate do not always make sense for them, it is all the more crucial to focus on their daily usage.

If a real change method is enforced, it then becomes possible, with a customized support, to see migration as an opportunity to improve usage and global productivity & satisfaction.

Backing technical staff

Hypra and its partners provide technical officers with a full support to switch to free software-based infrastructure.

For ERP application, user permissions management, cloud space, communication tools, we are at your sides to give you solutions to set and use free tools. At least we can study with you the opportunity of such a migration.

We also train the technical staff to handle the infrastructure (updates, tickets, etc). We can provide support level 1 for you and users (creating accounts, managing LDAP etc..). This way, the technical staff can focus on other tasks (managing data, etc).

Involving managers

Today, managing the Information System has become a strategic component within any organization. This is why, we care a lot that managers can actually seize these computing issue in their working context.

This is why we conceive all our IT project with a strong involvement from organization leaders, and as a way to leverage their position.